Actual Day Photographer

Wedding Celebration of Gallen & Jann

Wedding Date: 24 December 2017
Wedding Photographer: Jialiang of Freyafilms
Secondary Photographer: Tze Yong of Wedding Moments Photography
Venue: Regent Hotel Singapore

Last year, I tagged along Jialiang of Freyafilms to shoot Gallen and Jann’s wedding as a secondary wedding photographer. I really enjoy covering weddings as a secondary wedding photographer as it free me up to focus on getting journalistic images. For this set of images, I experimented with a different style of colour grading compared to my usual style. I have adjusted the color tone to have a more filmic analog feel which is pretty popular nowsaday. If you prefer this style of colour grading, do let me know and I can colour grade similarly for your wedding images. And for wedding couples who are keen to explore the possibility having a secondary photographer for your wedding, drop me an email at

Wedding Celebration of Mark and Charmaine

Charmaine contacted me when she came across the wedding images that I shot for one of her friends. We had a quick chat and she confirmed my services as her actual day photographer shortly. It was a very simple wedding, a short gatecrash follow by a solemnization at The Flutes. No rushing from place to place. Just relax, chill and spend more time with the guests, something a wedding photographer like myself really appreciates. I hope you will enjoy the images