New Website, New Blog, New Packages

Welcome to my new website! Over the weekend, I kind of put together this new website (with updated galleries), so some aspects of the site might still need further tweaking and more info to be added in the future. So why the need for a new website? For the longest time, I maintained two separate websites, the main site and a photo blog (, though to be honest I seldom update either of them, guilty as charged. With the new site, both are combined into one and most importantly it’s more user friendly, especially with the galleries and easier to maintain and update. Navigation on the previous site is horrific and confusing. So I hope the new site fixes the shortcomings. Photos are now much higher in resolution so visitors with high resolution display will be able to see larger size photos.

Enough about the website update, I think the more interesting news is the new packages. I restructured the packages. Not sure if any of you read the recent news about a couple who paid good money but gotten back poorly taken wedding photos recently on social media. While some photography studios were quick to capitalise on the incident by offering promotional packages, it got me thinking. It’s understandable that some couples have a smaller  budget to work with but they shouldn’t be denied of good photos for their big day. So I went back to the drawing board and look at my existing packages to see if I can remove some of the extra frills that are good to have but really can be forgoed for a lower price. I’m pleased to introduce the Flexi package. A 10 hour wedding day package start from $1,200. No you won’t get some amateurs photographing your wedding. I’ll be still the one photographing and doing the editing. The main difference is you will get back 300 selected high resolution photos (of your choosing) instead of all the photos as per the Classic and Signature package. You can purchase additional photos of course. You probably be asking are 300 photos enough? Absolutely. When I first started photographing wedding 10 years ago, it’s kind of a standard practice for the couple to get back 300 photos only. But as digital photography gets popular, photographers started to shoot more and return more but 300 photos are enough to tell the entire wedding story. But the downside to this package, in all honesty, is you might end up paying more than the Classic package. But for couples who are for something simple and don’t really need all photos, this might be an attractive alternative. However I must stressed that there are limited availability slots for the Flexi package per year. It’s kind of an experimental package and I might tweak the package in the future to adjust for supply and demand.

Well that’s the update for today. I look forward to posting my latest works here on blog. Meanwhile have a great day ahead and see you soon.